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I AM a unique arrangement of universal matter. I have never been and I will never be again.

I AM the seed and the soil, the rose and the rose hip. In everything that I am is everything that I was and everything I can ever become.

I AM more cat than dog, more spirit than reason, more complex than complicated, more portal than seeker.

I AM a muse, amused and sometimes amusing.

I AM a studier of all people and an imitator of none, an admirer of many and a worshiper of none, a respecter of all beliefs and adherent to none.

I AM a safe haven where my friends can laugh, cry, be silly, be hysterical, dream or do.

I AM challenged by limiting myself to this plane of existence, not limited by the challenges of this plane of existence.

I AM powerful, I AM afraid, I AM stubborn.

I AM blessed, I AM thankful, I AM humble.

I AM the guide at the crossroads who gives you questions to determine your desired destination rather than directions to the place you believed to be your destiny.

I AM a free-form work of art, freely forming anew every moment of every day.