Month: April 2014

Who’s Being Protected Here?

The article began “So this happened: Someone called the cops on a teenager for giving away free books.” As an avid reader, and writer, I could not NOT click on that link! (The photo that headed up the article, which I have used here as well, came from the Instagram account of rediscoveredbooks.) Since I see a lot of headlines that are just “link bait” to get me to an article that is either unrelated or not as extreme as the headline suggests, I was hoping that the story would reveal a simple misunderstanding, or some other silliness. What...

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Layers of Imperfection – The Truth About Soul

I don’t believe in evil souls. There, I’ve said it. You’re free to argue if you disagree. But everything I see, with my human eyes, with my heart, and with my spiritual intuition, tells me that souls are whole and perfect. That souls are eternal and infinite and cannot be altered from their original pure and perfect state. So why then, do humans do such evil things? We do evil, I believe, because we forget that we are soul. We lose our sense of true soul self in the accumulated experiences of being human. We are soul born as...

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