Come Truthing With Me

An invitation...

“It is better to whisper your truth than to shout a lie.”

It stopped me one night, just as I was pulling the covers back, ready to put my head on my pillow and dream.

A truth so undeniably ripe and irresistible that I left my pillow undented and went in search of something with which to capture it.

I sat in the dim light, with a pen and scrap bit of paper and I scribbled. The faster I scribbled, the faster the words came. Before I slept that night I had ushered into my world, not only a poem, but an idea.

The idea that I might have a little space to share what is true for me. And to invite you to uncover what is true for you. And to welcome the knowing that we need not share a truth to be a part of one greater truth.

And here you are, in that space. Won’t you come truthing with me?

(so far)

Our Days with the Dragon Dog

We know the time is coming. The time when we will have to let her spirit leave the shiny sleek black body, let the light die out of the round chocolate eyes, and let ourselves mourn her physical companionship that has meant something different to each of us, but so much to all of us.

But that time is not now. Now is the time for treasuring her.

The Truth About Desire

I do want. I don’t just want to do writing. I don’t just want to be a writer. I want my truths to be loosed as words into the universe, like crystalline snowflakes; no two the same no matter how similar the arrangement of letters seem to be. I want to know that that they’ll be savored on a tongue, or become droplets on a bare cheek. I want to feel them absorbed into the waters of the world to reemerge reimagined by readers who will make of them their own truth.

The Truth About Writing

Writing. Wrestling the muse. Pinning the genius like a moth to a corkboard. Delving, and distilling until it feels pure and right, then going back and putting it through the fire again. Filling page after page, screen after screen, with scribbles, scratches, and keystrokes. Why do we do it? How do we do it? What […]

Who’s to Bless and Who’s to Blame?

       “You can blame others for their actions. But you cannot blame your actions on anyone except yourself.   It’s so tempting, isn’t it? To say “I only did that because of what was done to me.” But even if you say it, it won’t be true. And you’ll know. Because the truth is, […]

Who’s Being Protected Here?

The article began “So this happened: Someone called the cops on a teenager for giving away free books.” As an avid reader, and writer, I could not NOT click on that link! (The photo that headed up the article, which I have used here as well, came from the Instagram account of rediscoveredbooks.) Since I […]

Layers of Imperfection – The Truth About Soul

I don’t believe in evil souls. There, I’ve said it. You’re free to argue if you disagree. But everything I see, with my human eyes, with my heart, and with my spiritual intuition, tells me that souls are whole and perfect. That souls are eternal and infinite and cannot be altered from their original pure […]

The Truth About Heroes

The wonder with heroes is not in their accomplishments, nor in the costs exacted, but in their persistent striving. For that striving  comes out of the passionate fires at which we lesser, or simply less courageous creatures, seek to warm ourselves. And yet, it is seldom that our own fires seem as bright to our […]

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