Come Truthing With Me

An invitation...

“It is better to whisper your truth than to shout a lie.”

It stopped me one night, just as I was pulling the covers back, ready to put my head on my pillow and dream.

A truth so undeniably ripe and irresistible that I left my pillow undented and went in search of something with which to capture it.

I sat in the dim light, with a pen and scrap bit of paper and I scribbled. The faster I scribbled, the faster the words came. Before I slept that night I had ushered into my world, not only a poem, but an idea.

The idea that I might have a little space to share what is true for me. And to invite you to uncover what is true for you. And to welcome the knowing that we need not share a truth to be a part of one greater truth.

And here you are, in that space. Won’t you come truthing with me?

(so far)